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!X! is a communication service that allows you to set-up where you would like to receive messages based on the person who sends it and the social media apps like "Twitter", "GroupMe", "Text Message", "Web Push Notice" or Email that you assign to them.

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Protect your privacy: No one can look you up and start sending you random messages and no one knows how you will receive your message.

Multi-messaging: Groups can send messages up to 2 different social media apps at the same time.

How It Works

Someone sends a message.


!X!'s intelligent technology determines who and where to send the message.


The person who receives the message can get it as a GroupMe message, Twitter message or Web Push Notification depending on who the message came from.

No applications to download to your devices.

No need to share your mobile phone number, email addresses and social media accounts to people and businesses. Share only 1 account.

Choose what social media platform you want your messages sent based on who is sending it.

Send messages to family and friends

Blast or receive messages for concerned people if there's an emergency

Blast or receive messages for customers and employees